Uninterrupted Power Supply

Uninterrupted Power Supply

It is not sensible to try to use electrical equipment if there is not an uninterrupted power supply in place.  We have all experienced the time that we were working on an important document, only for the power to lapse before we had time to save and then having to restart all over again.  Losing all the work that has been done that session will be bad enough but if a computer completely breaks down due to an improper shut down this can be even worse.  In some places such as hospitals it is vital that the power is never lost and so this is where an uninterrupted power supply comes into play.

What is Uninterrupted Power Supply?

Uninterrupted power supply is the system whereby there is a backup supply system for occasions when there may be a loss of power due to a power cut or a power surge. There are a wide range of implements that will be used to provide this back up and it is important to have them on hand and ready to use.

Purchasing an Uninterrupted Power Supply

There are numerous places where you can purchase an uninterrupted power supply in the UK. These include both online and offline stores. Some of these are below.

  • Best4Systems - The Keysource Sentinel 4 1000VA Uninterrupted Power Supply unit will cost £600 and is clearly not just meant for home use. It is able to deal with servers and protect equipment in hospitals and laboratories, along with the equipment of large companies.
  • Amazon provides a £35 uninterrupted power supply item called the VIX2000 and it is manufactured by Power Inspired. It is an item that can help a number of computers at the same time and due to having two times the normal battery power it will be ideal for higher spec PCs.
  • John Lewis is on many high streets and in many shopping centres and they have a choice of uninterrupted power supply items for use with smaller machines.
  • PC World has shops that can be visited but also a web site that will allow the purchase of uninterrupted power supply items. As many are small carrying it will not be an issue but it may be preferable to have larger ones delivered.

Estimated Costs of an Uninterrupted Power Supply

Costs are going to vary greatly when it comes to buying an uninterrupted power supply. There will be some fairly inexpensive devices but they will not be up to the same standard as some of the more expensive ones. The APC Smart-UPS 2200 LCD UPS costs £600 and will be trusted to look after some fairly large servers. It is also one of the most popular devices in the field.

At the other end of the scale is a device that will be affordable for all computer users. The OPTI-UPS VS575C Standby Series 6-Outlet Uninterruptible Power costs £29 and while it could not deal with the same level of equipment as the more expensive varieties it will be more than suitable for personal computers. It will not take up much space so can be easily stored when not in use.

It will be possible to underestimate the problems that will be stored up if there is not a suitable uninterrupted power supply at hand. Work can be lost and this will be annoying but it is important to understand that lives could also be lost. Keeping the supply checked and ready for use should be something that should be in the minds of everyone who has any responsibility for machines that rely on a power outlet for their use.